“Don’t Cry for Me...”

I just love going home. Although I’m probably busier there because we pack in everything in such a short amount of time, but I still love being home.  

I was lucky to be in Kansas the past seven days where I choreographed and taught 13 numbers to local schools, including Trinity Academy’s musical Evita. I really got to see growth in the students and am very proud of what they accomplished in such a short amount of time. 

In addition, I also was able to be a part of Butler Vocal Music’s first “Music Theatre Choral Festival!” It was a great day surrounded by 350+ talented High Schoolers and fellow special guests Katie Banks Todd and Wayne Bryan.  A huge thank you to the Butler Vocal Music faculty for letting me be apart of this special day!

Of course, I managed to squeeze in some time to see some of my KS family and friends! However, I am back in the freezing tundra of NYC now, and I look forward to all this season has to offer. 





Teaching at Butler’s “Music Theatre Choral Festival” 


Allie & Avery getting ready for competition at KDA! 


Answering questions at the Festival


Zane even came up for the day!

Stevie Mack